Koropi, also called Boufa, is a settlement belonging to the Municipality of Milies, which is formed by the villages Milies, Vizitsa, Pinakates, Agios Georgios Nilias and Kala Nera.

The Municipality is based in the village of Milies, which is built 450 metres above sea level, in a short distance from Koropi. Milies is a village with great history and the home of some of the Great Teachers of the Greek Nation during the Turkish Domination. As you continue on the same road, after Milies, you will reach the rest of the villages of the Municipality, situated one very close to the other.

Two kilometres from Milies and 600 m. above sea level, lies the restored traditional settlement of Vizitsa.

Full of mansions and guesthouses built according to the traditional architectural style, Vizitsa has been one of the most popular destinations for tourists, during the last years, especially in winter.

As we continue, we reach Pinakates, a settlement that bears all the features of a traditional village in Pelion, with its old mansions of Northern Greek architectural style, most of which are currently being restored. Among the highlights of Pinakates, are also the picturesque country churches and cobbled trails, the streaming waters and the cool main square of the village with the enormous plane tree.

Just 2 km from Pinakates, lies Agios Georgios Nilias. "A big, beautiful land, with a splendid view" and "a precious stone on Pelion's metope" as it has been described in the past by old scholars, Agios Georgios is considered one of the most culturally and intellectually developed villages in Pelion. Its incomparable natural beauty, its monumental places and the special quality cultural events organized in summer constitute a great pole of attraction for the visitor.

As we finish this short tour around the villages of the Municipality of Milies, we shouldn't forget to mention the famous village of Kala Nera and the picturesque Gatzea along Pagasitikos coast. Both coastal settlements are very close to Koropi and are considered popular resorts with good infrastructure.

* Material has been used, in this page, from the website of the Association of Touristic Development of Kala Nera of Magnesia.

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